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Chad Anderson
Structural Integration and Movement Health in Portland, OR

I’m Chad Anderson, creator of the Accelerated Change Technique (A.C.T). A.C.T. utilizes the best of Fascial Stretch Therapy and Structural Integration to invite immediate and lasting change in the body. 

My mission is to re-engage the body's ability to adapt, evolve, and thrive. This occurs through keeping our bodies moving, playing, and living in wonder. I Invite you to restore a more harmonious way of being in this world now.


A.C.T. is more than a massage. It’s a dynamic blend of Structural Integration [Rolf Lineage], Fascial Stretch Therapy [F.S.T]. It is influenced by Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Dance & Movement Therapy. It’s designed to be wholistic, functionally-effective, and to produce profound results. A.C.T. sessions are typically 1.5 hours.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI) is the frontier of bodywork. It focuses on the fascia, which is the 3D connective tissue web that largely determines the shape and flexibility of the body. SI sessions are most effective as series (10-11 sessions), but can be customized into a mini series or even a single session depending on your goals/needs. The work itself is deep and can be intense. It creates immediate, lasting change improving quality of life.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy(FST) is about getting BIG gains, with NO pain! FST is function & performance oriented having been originally designed for elite athletes and dancers. FST is an assisted stretching modality that engages the whole body. This wholistic approach is incredibly relaxing and creates immediate results. It is a wonderful way to prevent injury, recover or improve performance in life.

‘Life Is Movement, Keep On Moving’
Session Info

Structural Integration Adanced Work

IADAPT Journey Sessions

ACT (Single session or 7 session series)

Soma Neuromuscular Integration(SNI) - 11 Session Series

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

Athletic Development

Flexibility and Performance Enhancement


1 hour session: $140

1.5 hour session: $210

Mentoring: $90 / hour

Sliding scale and payment plans are available upon request

Free 30 minute conusultations

10% discount for payment in cash

I DO NOT bill health insurance.

I Bill automobile insurance ONLY.


Call or Text:

‘Life Is Movement, Keep On Moving’